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Limit The Number of Records that can be created

Question asked by moderndesigns9 on Apr 28, 2016
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I would like to start selling my real estate management software but i would like to set up different types of versions of the app for different sized businesses, and different types of accounting..


My problem is i don't know how to limit the amount of records the user is allowed to create



To under stand the current set of the program



Creating property page


on the property page there is a tab folder layout


the first tab is "Properties"

inside this tab you have a portal that have 2 container fields for home pictures, Address, property Name, (Advance program will have purchase price), Date Purchased, and then theres property Details button


So one this page within the Tab properties i have that portal inside that tab to have limited amount of records to be created






Basic Program : Property Owners of 1-5 Homes they will only be able to create a max of 5 homes in the homes portal.

if the user tries to add a new home it will pop up a dialog box with your current databases only allows you to you have a max number of 5 homes. Please Upgrade to a large database @Website name or delete a current home listed


Medium Program: 1-15 Homes




Large Program: 1-25 Homes



X-Large Program: Unlimited (which is just the current program with out limitations)