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How to set up filter for portal in this situation?

Question asked by chs0615 on Apr 27, 2016
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I have a history table and a display table(global table)

     History Table                                 DisplayTable

      Connection  =1            =====    Connection =1




I want to display the history data on the portal in the display
layout (between two weeks ahead and one week after)

For Example;

Today is    01/20/2016  .

I want to display the data which is red. (by date ignoring year)


I have data

Date                      Description

01/02/2014         aaa

01/12/2014         bbb

02/02/2014         ccc

01/19/2014         ccc

02/12/2014         eee

01/12/2015         fff

01/22/2015         ddd

01/29/2015         eee

02/08/2015         tttt

01/15/2016         eee

02/03/2016         uuu

02/06/2016         yyy


How do I make the filter to diplay those date in the portal ?

or Is there any other method?


Thank you.