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    Switching Value Lists using a script


      I have created an app for price quoting our products.  I have a field called 'item type' that uses a value list for selecting line items in the quote.  That all works very well.  However, we have more than two distinct product categories and I have a value list for each, otherwise, the value list becomes 10 miles long...


      What I am trying do now is create a script that, when attached to button, will switch the value list assigned to the 'item type' field.


      Looking for clues on how to accomplish this.

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          As you've probably discovered, there is no way to do this directly via a script. There are some other possibilities:


          1) Layer two copies of the same field on top of each other, then use a Script Trigger / button to go to the correct one.


          2) Use a "cascading value list" (search this forum for examples). Basically, you make the value list conditional on the selection in the Category field.


          3) Use a dynamic value list built in data via a portal inside a popover instead of a plain vanilla value list. (This is usually done by way of the Virtual List technique.)


          All depends on exactly what you're trying to accomplish.