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    FMS 14 & El Capitan


      Installation has been a continuous nightmare.


      Since we’re on the site license plan, we downloaded all of our software before El Capitan was released. Seems that the initial version

      ( fms_14.0.1.204 ) flat out won’t install on El Capitan. It stops with an error ( 1008:9,-5000 Access denied) before finishing.


      OK, so I downgrade the Machine to Yosemite, and install seems to work.  Successfully upgraded FMS to version fms_patch_14.0.4b.414. All good.



      In one of our locations, I cannot get the admin console to allow smtp.gmail.com to confirm for email notifications. I “keep an eye on things” through these notifications.


      I’ll take any thoughts...

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          Don't use the 14.0v1 installer for El Capitan. FMI has noted issues with it in the past and I know a new base installer was released at least with 14.0v3. If you contact your licensing rep they can issue a new download link based on your license key for the current installer. It's worth the wait for that updated email to save on the headaches.


          For GMail you should be setting up an SMTP relay account, which GMail uses to authenticate external apps sending permissions in a more stable, secure method.

          SMTP relay service setting - Google Apps Administrator Help

          That comes with a different SMTP server address.


          Also, I don't think you can use port 25 for SMTP, 465 and 587 are the alternate ports for SSL and TLS respectively.

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            Thanks for the message.


            I've received the new downloads from FileMaker which is helpful.


            Interesting that two other locations use smtp.gmail.com on FMS 14, both using port 25.


            I'll look into the google apps. Thanks for that heads-up.

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