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Alternative to Export Field Contents that works on server?

Question asked by ianmanning on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by ianmanning

I have a script that needs to run hourly, daily , weekly etc so I would like to run it on the server.

The current script uses Export Field Contents in a loop to step through hundreds of records and save the contents of a single field in to separate files for each record (1 file for every record)

Export Field Contents will not run on the server, does anyone have a simple solution to this?


I believe I can solve it by:

opening a new window

finding the current record in the new window  (one record at a time)

Export Records (only 1 record found so it will only export the 1 record)

switch back to the first window

loop to next record


I think this will take longer than the Export Field Contents and sometimes there will be thousands or hundreds of thousands of records to export.


Thanks for any help

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