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Drag Options in landscaping tutorial

Question asked by laina on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by beverly

I have just bought the Filemaker Pro 14 software.


I'm going through the landscaping tutorial and I'm at the part where I'm making a layout for the iPad.  So far everything has gone along smoothly and I'm enjoying the tutorial very much,


We're at the section where we're doing a new layout which is the list layout for iPad.


I'm at the part where I choose the field picker.  Before I drag the fields to the layout there are two new settings to change.


So we're suppose to go to the Drag Options.  But when I click on the drag options at the bottom, there's nothing there, but there's suppose to be a field placement option or labels option.


I need to choose horizontal placement for the field placement and for the labels, I need to choose the options where the labels are positioned able the field.


So I'm stuck here because there's nothing to choose when I click the drag options.


Can someone please help me?  I want to continue on with the tutorial.


Thanks so much!