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pulled over SQL data has added spaces... randomly?

Question asked by barraa007 on Apr 28, 2016
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My favorite way to look at SQL data is through Filemaker, of course- the joins make much more sense for me. However, there is a field that I view on a Filemaker layout that is directly from a SQL table that seemingly randomly has extra spaces at the end of the data- only sometimes and only some data points. This same field, looked at directly in SQL, has no extra spaces. Does anyone know why Filemaker would add spaces to some of the data in these fields while viewing it through a layout on Filemaker? I found this out accidentally when I exported the data and dropped it into a Pivot Table in Excel. Excel showed two entries for seemingly the same data point. Again, it is not every record with that same data- very random. This is a field that is autopopulated in the SQL database when a user creates a new record and it comes from their username- they can't even touch this field. Anyone know what is going on?