finding in a value list or another method

Discussion created by zeymere on Apr 28, 2016
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I used to think myself a little Filemaker savvy then I run into real silly issues that seem like it should be easy.


Here is my dilemma/situation:


It is simply a sales system that I am pulling line items into that are from my inventory database. I can easily have a value list pop up and show the items in my inventory database but what I want is to be able to have a way to start typing what I want like the value list but have it look in any portion of the field or fields.  Unfortunately it currently only starts to look at the first item , so if I have lets say:

sku field and I start typing in my value list the sku like B-10-1, it does go to that eventually and I can select it but I want to be able to type in any portion of what I know lets say 1" Riser and it shows those that I can select from. Even when I have 2 fields that will show sku and item name (B-10-1 1" Riser) it still only goes to the item as you type in exactly what it is, I cannot even just start typing 1" riser it wont go to that, yes I could reverse it but then I can't use the sku.


So to recap:

What I want is to be able to type into a field and it will start showing me items that match from my inventory database what I type, sku, partial item name etc. then when I select it, it will pull over the inventory id so I can populate the remaining fields like normal.


Any help appreciated.