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    iOS SDK Error - Script Cannot be Found


      I have a solution file that I have been using without issue on FileMaker Go.  Yesterday I compiled it as a standalone app and it worked great on my iPad Mini 4.  Today I wanted to test on a few other devices and (iPad Mini 3, iPad Pro and iPad 2).  However, when I install it I get a few errors...


      First - "ERROR This script cannot be found or has been deleted." - press OK


      Second - "Error "VSAT.fmp12" is damage and cannot be opened. Use the desktop product's Recover command to recover this file." - press OK


      Third - "Confirm Communication with the host was interrupted.  Do you want to try to reconnect?" - press Yes


      It seems to work for a bit, but then goes through the same list of errors.


      I tried compacting the FileMaker file to make sure there weren't any issues, but got the same errors.  In fact, the last time I tried the screen stopped responding to touch, I could not close the app.  I had to reboot my iPad Pro to get it to work.  After restarting and opening the app it goes right to the second error listed above.


      Any thoughts on what may be causing this issue?




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          I think I figured it out.  Apparently something got corrupt in the database that the iOS App SDK didn't like.  By using the recover command in the file menu I was able to rebuild the database, put the new copy into my Xcode file and now it seems to be working great.


          Sorry, for not trying this before my post.

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            Just keep in mind that recover might fix parts of your file but it might also damage parts of your file.  And it might not fix everything in the file.  You're rolling the dice when you use a recovered file. The main purpose of recover is to get a file open so you can import the data into a good copy of the file.   A better option is to use a back up file that doesn't need recovered.  Read the recover log that gets generated, it might give you some insight into what was wrong with the file.

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              Thanks that is a great point.  I was more focused on just trying to make it work again than about the consequences of using a recovered file.  I will take a look through the log file to see what I can find (after an initial quick skim nothing really jumped out at me).