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    Creating a website with FM


      Hello friends, the next question intrigues me a long time and I am sure that in the minds of many others: Do you think FM is expected to show future version that can also be used to build a website that can be scanned and appear in organic search results in the internet? It appears that WebDirect is halfway there.

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          If you mean "create automatically" (with Web Direct), only the future will say. If you mean with Custom Web Publishing and to make the web site "responsive" - then you can have that today, but requires work on your part!


          Defining what I mean by "responsive":


          I do not believe an "automatic" will ever achieve what I prefer in Web Design. Even good ole DreamWeaver was not what I wanted. I work in a text editor for most of my web coding. Understanding on how web servers work most efficiently, how users interact with the web site and so many factors can rarely be put into a "push-button" solution for web site design. There just have to be some compromises. If you use what WD can do, you can come up with some really good compromises.