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Change in behaviour of GetAsText?

Question asked by user23934 on Apr 29, 2016
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A solution was recently upgraded from V11 to V14, and the behaviour of GetAsText seems to have changed. It is no longer capturing the size (dimensions) value. Can someone confirm?


I am using it on a container field holding a video file (referenced only)


The previous value that was being generated for GetAsText(Video) looked like:


movie:GOT7 -

moviewin://sydislcsv/sbsisilon/POPAsia/PopAsia Music Videos/VIDEO MASTERS/GOT7/GOT7 -


and now looks like:

movie:GOT7 -

moviewin://sydislcsv/sbsisilon/POPAsia/PopAsia Music Videos/VIDEO MASTERS/GOT7/GOT7 -


Any thoughts?




Nb. I will also post a separate query about any plugins or external tools that can be integrated that could improve handling of video files. Capturing the aspect ratio in this way was somewhat limited anyway.


This system is primarily managing video files, and while able o preview export etc, capturing some of the technical metadata as a automatized process would be very valuable. I'd love to find something that could extract and store key info like dimensions, file size, codec and generate a thumbnail. While Filemaker can generate a thumbnail when importing a folder of videos, I can't find a way to make it do the same when inserting a single video which is what the users sometimes want to do. Nb. this is a windows install.


I've looked around and there seem to be a lot of solutions for images in the realm, but I haven't found anything for video yet.


Thanks, Caitlin