Supressing Script On Record Load

Discussion created by disabled_morkus on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by beverly

I recently had an issue where I needed to suppress the on record load that, due to visits to a child layout and then returning to the parent layout, was causing an infinite On Record Load loop.


I solved the problem by seeing if a global variable called "$$OKToTrigger" was empty. If it was empty (only the first time the script was called), then I would set it to False  - testing this variable with an IF statement at the top. This approach stopped the on record load from running again after the loop through the child records and then setting the layout back to the parent (thus triggering another ON RECORD LOAD).


Works fine.




I wanted to also thank beverly very much who helped me via email when the forum was down this week. Her help was critical in helping me realize I was on the right track and wasn't missing something obvious as well as giving me valuable suggestions for improving my script.


-- m