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how do you create a runtime on windows to run on mac too

Question asked by norman926 on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by intex

Everyone says that FM is cross platform but in order to get a run time solution that you created on Windows to run on Mack you have to take the FM Pro Adv and created the run time on the Mac, but then it won't run on Windows..


If it is a true cross platform shouldn't on run time solution run on Windows and Mac too?  And while we are at it,  what about having it run on Android.. I think that if one could create  the run time that will run on all three,perhaps with some type of conversion script you would then have a fantastic product capable of capturing all three major operating systems.


Lastly, it seems that Google figured it out, if you go on to certain web sites on Google there is a translator button that you can push and select almost any language to convert the text to. Why doesn't FM have something similar.  I for one sell a product with a program that i designed and copyrighted, however every time I get a foreign country interested in it, they first question they ask is it available in our language?  Now i know in Medicine there are many conditions and diseases that can not be translated to say Romanian or German etc:, however the basic questions that are asked for the person to fill in could be and they could then fill it in in their language.. How difficult would it be for FM to do something like Googles translator as it seems you have the dictionaries with nine or more languages in most of the Pro Adv  programs.


I think I took enough time with my questions and if you care to answer me my email address is or you can pm me at Thank you one and all.  Norman