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    Upload to FileMaker Server



      I'm trying to figure out how to share files from FileMaker Pro 14 on a Windows PC to an iPhone. I know this may seem like a really silly question, but I think I have to upload our database to the FileMaker Server, right? Well, when I get to the upload screen, it asks for an Admin Console name and Password. I'm not sure what this is...We are a small office, and I never set up a user name or password when I installed FileMaker. I feel kind of stupid, but I really need help!


      Thanks in advance!


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          If you don't have a filemaker server, then you can not host with one or upload a file.


          Sharing via peer-to-peer (from a windows PC running filemaker pro) is different.


          You want the File > Sharing > Share with FileMaker Clients menu in order to set up your filemaker pro installation as a host.


          You should get a dialog that says "FileMaker Network Settings" that you need to walk through.

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            Oh Mike, thanks for your fast response! I originally had tried to connect our iPhone by using the settings in the Sharing>Share with FileMaker Clients window. I believe I had everything set correctly, but the iPhone could never see any files (just using a dashboard with estimates/invoices) when connecting via Filemaker Go. Maybe there is something I am missing when trying to connect from the iPhone, not in the settings on the PC?Now I have a NEW issue! I have just uninstalled/reinstalled FileMaker, and when I try opening the Starter Solution I downloaded from the internet and saved when I did the un/re install, its asking me for an account name and password, which I never created! This is so frustrating! I'm getting desperate! lol

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              The default account for new filemaker files is "admin" with no password.


              However that's highly insecure, so you should be setting up


              I'd highly recommend going through the filemaker basic and advanced training series. There's a lot of basics like how to share files, and how to setup security, that would go a long way towards helping your understanding.


              Once you configure the settings for the file in filemaker pro, you need to make sure to leave that file open and accessible on the same network that the iOS device is on.

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                Thanks so much Mike, I just want to say that I have been working with this program since last July and pretty much had to give myself a crash course in programming/scripts etc. using info from YouTube and from the FileMaker forums. Its been intense, as I have never done anything like this before! I actually just connected the iPhone by entering the IP address and the name of a blank Invoices Solution I just opened for test purposes! I can't believe it actually worked! I see there is a little lock next to the saved solution in my files that I can't seem to unlock. But its all good! Even if I have to re-download the starter solution I found online (it works for us better than any of the other solutions that come with FileMaker), then so be it. At least I can connect with the iPhone. Thanks for all of your advice :-)

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                  Sure, there are many reasons why setting up a filemaker server is a good idea. For instance peer-to-peer doesn't allow the host computer to close filemaker if your iOS device is connected (can cause major problems). Backups are another good thing.


                  The training series covers most of that so it's definitely a good thing to read over.


                  Good luck!

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                    Hey Mike,

                    I'm sorry to bother you, but I really need to figure out this iPhone thing, and you seem to be VERY knowledgeable about FileMaker...I downloaded the Starter_Solution_CRM because I needed to be able to turn Estimates into Invoices and this solution was perfect. I entered the IP address/filename in the FMGO app on our office iPhone, and I see the solution on it, but no files or layouts are loading. To test the app, I opened the Invoices starter solution on my PC, and I can connect to it on FMGO and it loads all the test invoices/customer profiles I created in it. Does this have anything to do with the Starter_Solution_CRM being downloaded from an internet source? I do not understand why I am not able to see any of our customers or files on the iPhone when connected to that solution...I've done everything the same for both solutions.

                    I sooooo appreciate any insights you have to offer!


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                      What do you mean you downloaded "Starter_Solution_CRM"? The filemaker starter solutions are not downloaded, where are you getting that file from?


                      The filemaker starter solutions are different than ones you might run across and download from third party vendors off the internet. If a developer didn't configure a file for iOS connectivity, then it might not do anything when you open it up with filemaker go.


                      It sounds like you can connect ok to the file, just that it doesn't actually do anything. In that case you would need to develop the file yourself to work with iOS, or talk to the people that you downloaded it from for advice or an updated copy.


                      Be forewarned, many "starter solutions" are intentionally a little bit locked down because those vendors want you to hire them to develop the solution further, join the marketing list, or purchase a pro version of their product. That's why it's a "starter" solution.

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                        Hi Mike,

                        Again, thank you for your quick response! I actually had contacted a man in this forum and on YouTube named Guy Stevens and he had directed me to this solution. Apparently its made by FileMaker France...here is the link where I found it: FileMaker CRM Starter Solution - Getting Started - YouTube


                        Maybe my next move is to contact Guy Stevens and see what step I am missing with the iPhone connection. I never really thought of that!

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                          the youtube subscription says it is setup for iOS so I'm not sure what you've missed. Possible check the Sharing submenu under file to see if something is off, and check your File > Manage > Permissions settings to make sure that the privilege set that the iOS user has is assigned permissions to view the layouts and records in all tables.

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                            Hi Mike,

                            So I've tried contacting the people I mentioned above and haven't gotten an answer yet. We have verified the correct router ports are open (5003), and the sharing settings are good as well... I don't seem to have a File>Manage>Permissions option, only File>Manage>Security. Not a help when I connect to the host, this is what I see on the iPhone screen...


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                              There was no screenshot.


                              Security/permissions, same thing. permissions or privilege sets are under the security dialog.

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                                oooh, sorry, didn't realize the screen shot didn't upload! I'll try

                                again...Just to give you an idea of what I'm working with, we are a small

                                office with only 3 people needing to be able to log into FileMaker, so I

                                have not set up any passwords. I've gone into the security settings and I

                                just see Admin and Guest. Admin has full access and Guest has data entry

                                only. It doesn't matter which way I try to log in on the iPhone, the

                                database is there, but I see no files. And as I said before, if I open the

                                Invoices solution from FileMaker, I see everything!

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                                  use the advanced editor in jive to attach screenshots. I don't believe you can attach them to emails.


                                  "database is there, but I see no files. "

                                  Doesn't really make sense to me, if you can see the database you should be able to open it. Not sure what you mean by files.

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                                    Thanks Mike, but I'm not sure of how to attach with the Java script stuff...lol. What I mean is, when I connect to the host, I enter in the IP address/Distinctive Landscapes Dashboard and it seems to be connecting just fine. But all I can see is the little file symbol at the top and filename next to it...X Distinctive Landscapes Dashboard. The rest of the screen is just plain white. When I connect to one of the provided starter solutions,  "Invoices" for instance, it connects and I can see the dashboard and open any of the invoices in the list. I just cannot figure out why the invoices are not there with the Starter_solution_CRM I have dowloaded. I can only think that it must have something to do with that solution....