FMS 14 - When all the bugs will be fixed?

Discussion created by andriusvas on Apr 29, 2016
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Its my second time with setting up FMS 14 server on the virtual PC. I had never so much issues with any other software. We are using FMS on our server, but i dont want to do anything with that one. It seems like after every small change, it makes millions of troubles.Idea is to use FMS PHP module for making custom web page to edit records. History:


I have tried to install WS 2008 R2 on virtual PC first time only for testing, to avoid making a problems in real server. Installed first time, it was looking ok, After some windows updates, i couldn't access to admin console. Reinstalled FMS. It was working for a while. After Java update the same issues. Reinstalled FMS once more, i can access to admin console, but i cant access to PHP page (function enabled in admin console). It seems like after every small move like windows update, java update, reboot of server some of the part its not working.


Im professional IT technician, have advanced skills of PHP developing but i thought that maybe i have made some mistakes. I have tried to do everything once more.


New virtual PC. Clean installation of WIN Server 2008 R2. Update of IE11, checked security settings, update of JAVA. Installation of FMS 14. And once more i have the same troubles. I cant access to admin console. It shows only "Please wait while FMS 14 Admin console starts..." .


While admin console was working first time, i had been logged out while i was active, and configured it, without any reason. ON/OFF buttons was not working properly too. I was searching for solution, and only one solution what i could find is - reinstall FMS. Its very professional. Just perfect - after every win, java, IE update - reinstall FMS...


Questions for developers:

Will all these bugs be fixed or this Apple product will be slowly closed for WIN as has been done with Safari browser? When we will get stable product for Windows server?