help with compiling multiple PDF reports into single email based on date

Discussion created by TTerz on Apr 30, 2016
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I'm not sure how to word this discussion, but here goes. Images attached for reference.


I use my database to keep track of invoicing and orders (see 'orders' and 'deets' pics). I have two invoices per order: one for the client and one for my accountant - they use separate layouts but have similar data. Every month I need to send my accountant only her invoice (she doesn't need the clients). On the accountant invoice layout page (see 'accountant' pic), I have a button that when clicked will open my email application (mac mail in this case), compile a PDF of that data, insert said file into a new email, and allow me to send it (see 'email' pic).


This system is fine, but I have to do this process for each and every invoice. This means that for each invoice a separate new email is opened which takes me quite a while to do. I would love to figure out how to make filemaker compile all of these PDF's together based on payment date found in the invoice (per month basis), and then put them in a nice single email file ready to send. Any help here or direction would be appreciated.