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    Go to Field with Script Parameter


      Is this possible? I'm trying to do something similar to this example from FileMaker Help and can't figure out how to get this to work: Go to Field [Get(ScriptParameter)].


      The Go to Field script step is forcing me to choose an actual field and not giving me the option for calculations. Am I missing something?



      Example 1

      Clears the contents of the field specified in the script parameter and navigates to that field. This script can be attached to multiple buttons, each referencing a different field, to clear the contents of multiple fields.

      Set Field By Name [Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; ""]
      Go to Field [Get ( ScriptParameter )]


      webpage: Get(ScriptParameter)

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          Thank you for your post.


          You are not missing anything.  The example is wrong.  Instead, you would have to assign a name to the field that is equal to the field name, and then replace "Go to Field" with "Go to Object".


          To be more specific, perform the following steps:


          1. Go to Layout Mode.

          2. Under the View menu, make sure Inspector is checked (displayed).

          3. Click on the field to select it.

          4. In the Inspector, click the "Position" tab, and under the "Name" section, enter the name of the field.

          5. Go into Script Workspace, and select/edit the desired script.'

          6. Remove the "Go to Field" step.

          7. Enter a new step:    Go to Object [ Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]

          8. Save the script.

          9. Execute the script.


          This information has been sent to our Documentation department to make sure it gets addressed in a future release.


          Let me know if you need additional clarification.



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