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Importing data from the live file into the latest development file

Question asked by jurgmay on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2016 by jurgmay

Hi all,


I've been reading on here recently how awful an idea it is to make updates to a live file hosted on FileMaker Server. OK. I've been doing that. Not doing it anymore!


However it leads me to ask - are there any 'best practices' or gotchas to be aware of when updating the live file with the latest 'release' file? Is it best to remove the 'live' file, replace with the latest development release file (with no data) and then import the data from the 'live' file? If so, I assume that would be done with Auto Enter options turned OFF - correct?


I wanted to deploy a new update this weekend as there will be no users connected to the database so I'd appreciate any pointers before I do it.