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    Filemaker not working


      There are certain functions that are not working with Filemaker Pro.


      When I first open Filemaker I click OPEN under the FILE TAB and nothing happens.


      Script Workspace is not working.


      Also, nothing when I try to Specifiy under the tab window.  Seems certain pop-ups are not working.

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          If you can't open a file how do you know Script Workplace is not working? Perhaps rephrase your question.

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            I start Filemaker but the OPEN does not bring up the file browser.  I can open with recents or by double clicking a Filemaker .fmp12 in a folder.

            FM open not working.png

            When I have a file open and click Script Workspace, nothing happens.

            FM Script Workspace not working.png



            Also, "Specify" in the tabs section.  I click "Specify" and everything else becomes inactive unless I hit ESC.  Seems like Pop-Up fuctions are not working for Filemaker.

            FM Specify not working.png

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              Does this happen with all databases or just with this one?  Test with brand new starter solution.  If with all databases then I suggest uninstalling FM then reinstalling it.  Reboot your computer after you uninstall FM, before you reinstall.


              If it happen with just one file, then verify your user account has the correct privilege set install, you may need to login as a different user.  If you still have issue then run Recover on the database to check for corruption.

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                "When I first open Filemaker I click OPEN under the FILE TAB and nothing happens"


                Hold down the ALT key (option key on Mac) when selecting File Open.


                This will bring up the file browser and allow you to select the file you want.



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                  I have already re-installed Filemaker and restarted.  It is happening on all my databases and pretty much any action in Filemaker that would create some sort of "Pop-up" dialogue, for instance clicking on the "Pencil" Edit button, I click and no other window pops up.  If I do anything I get the "Error" sound until I hit escape. 


                  Also, it is on Windows 10 and I have tried the CTRL+O to bring up the Browser but again nothing.  Seems like a Windows/Filemaker issue as I am only noticing the issue with Filemaker.  I am thinking it is a simple fix but not seeing anything obvious. 


                  The main thing is no Filemaker "Pop-up" dialogues are working.

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                    I'm running FMPA 14 on Windows 10 and I have seen post from several other users stating they are using FM with Windows 10.  


                    1.   Make sure you have the newest update to FM14.


                    2.  If there is an incomplete Windows update on your system then Windows will limit other software from running until the update is complete.  This type update requires a reboot of your system (Windows didn't finish installing because it need to update an open file).  There is an option to reboot without installing the update.  Make sure when you reboot that you have Windows install the update.


                    3.  Still have issue.   When you reinstalled FM, did you uninstall it first.  If a required file is corrupt FM may not reinstall, if it detect the file already on your system, so make sure you uninstall FM before a reinstall.  Login as a Windows Administrator when you uninstall and install FM.

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                      Yes, I have done the uninstall and install, including the update, reboots et al.    Windows is up to date and still nothing.  Are there representatives from Filemaker on this forum or should I connect with their support?  I have a meeting Wednesday and as of now Filemaker is unusable.

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                        TS monitors the forum.   They answer some question durning work hours.  I recommend calling TS.

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                          Thank you! Trying a restore point now.


                          John Ecker

                          Peak Estimating

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                            Thank you everyone for your help and input!  I had restarted and done all the things we discussed but it was not resolved until I returned to my desk where I have a second monitor.  When I started Filemaker with the second monitor plugged in the quick start/open dialogue was brought up immediately.  Something in windows must have forgotten to ignore the 2nd display. 


                            Anyway, thank you for your help!

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                              It was never mention in your post that you had hooked up a second monitor.   You can get better answer when all details are given.    Glad you got it working.

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                                It is a laptop that I regularly work away from my office desk with.  It had never been a problem with anything, including Filemaker, in the past.  Sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees…   I really would have thought the restarts would have recognized that there was not a monitor plugged in.  Thanks again for you help and feedback.






                                John Ecker


                                Peak Estimating