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Filemaker 14 Import woes

Question asked by JimBrear on Apr 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 15, 2016 by Stephen Huston

I am just starting to implement a major upgrade of our Client Management system which incorporates new requirements needed for reporting services to the Australian Government. I have insisted that as part of the upgrade the clients also upgrade to Filemaker 14 as part of the process. My first imports of a 650,000 record service history file into the new structure (using Filemaker 14 on 3 different computers has resulted in Filemaker  stopping during the process and leaving the files in need of maintenance. Reading the list indicates I may not be the only one who has experience this problem. I have reverted to using Filemaker 13 for the job and it appears to be working OK so far (it takes a couple of days).  This is from a 14.0.05 release and wonder if something is in hand to fix this problem in future versions.