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filemaker go

Question asked by wep on Apr 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by rgordon

I'm working on a reference app for filemaker go.  the filemaker app on the server is really just there to be used maintain the app. 

The intent of the app is to have data available on the iphone whether the user is connected to a network, or not (this part is done, works fine).  and have popups for location (passing lat-long to google maps works fine).  and have two or three or four pdf's for each record in the db.  I have about 1000 records in the db, it could grow to 3000. 

The problem I'm having is setting up the pdf's to access in filemaker go.  I tried loading them into container fields, and found that is deadly -- one can never open that table again, as it takes forever.  Tried loading them as externally stored, and found that is as bad as loading them in the table. 

I would like to have file links to the pdf's, so they would be completely external to the table records, but, have not found a way to do that so the entire reference library (all db records plus all pdf's) can be copied (through itunes) to the filemaker go.  so the user can run "autonomously" when they are out of range of any network.

Has anyone tried this type of setup?  is it possible to have external files referenced, copied to the filemaker go, and opened by the filemaker go? 

Thanks for any assistance.