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"Insert File..." not the same as "Insert File" script step

Question asked by dosborne99 on Apr 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by dosborne99

I have a container field setup with external storage - all works as expected.


When I choose to enter a file into this container field (which will most always be a PDF), and I go to Insert [menu] > File..., it will insert the PDF as expected. Showing only the icon and file name, because I don't want to just store a "reference to file" so that is unchecked. All is fine using this method.


I'd like to script that method, but when using "Insert File" script step, it inserts the PDF and then creates the additional JPG and PNG in the same external storage location, which is NOT what I want. As I understand it these additional files are created for thumbnails (maybe), not sure. But I don't need to increase my external storage by 3 times.


Is there a different script step I can use to achieve this first option?


FileMaker Pro Advanced 14, Mac