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Question asked by tays01s on May 1, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by tays01s

I'm trying to ensure my solution opens on the 'Home' window or 'Home | open' if there isn't a license but I always get a generic window + the Home window. I've set File options > Script triggers (tried both OnFirst or just OnWindowOpen) to NST Startup script:


If [ Home::Account = "Full access" ]

Perform Script [ “Home” ]
Else If [ Home::License_ID Home::License_ID_decryp ]

Perform Script [ “Home | open” ]


Perform Script [ “Home” ]

End If



and the Home script is:

If [ not IsEmpty(FilterValues (WindowNames;"Home")) ]

Select Window [ Name: "Home"; Current file ]


New Window [ Style: Document; Name: "Home"; Height: 495; Width: 333; Top: 0; Left: 0; Close: Yes; Minimize: Yes; Maximize: Yes; Zoom Control Area: Yes; Resize: Yes ]

#Need to create a 'Front_small' layout with scripts/buttons leading to smaller layouts.

Go to Layout [ “Home_U” (Home) ]

End If

Set Zoom Level [ 100%; Camera: Back; Resolution: Full ]

Perform Script [ “Window_format” ]     (just ensures formatting bar/ ruler etc don't show)