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    Create chart graph


      I am having trouble trying to start a bar graph.  I have a MeasurementsData table that has BodyAgeDate and Weight field that I want to use for the graph.  Date on left and weight on bottom.  I want to be able to have 2 date fields that I can pick months to compare and have those data populate the graph. 


      Please any help is appreciated.

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          Try this:


          Create a calculation field, type Date, as

          BodyAgeDate - Day ( BodyAgeDate ) + 1


          Create a summary field, type ? (Average?), that summarizes the Weight field


          In the Chart object, select Current records – summary values as data source.


          For the x axis, specify a calculation like

          Left ( MonthName ( BodyAgeDate ) ; 3 ) & " " & Year ( BodyAgeDate )


          For the y axis, specify the summary field.


          Find the records to summarize, then (important!) sort that found set by the calculation field.

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            Thank you!  One more question.  Is there a way for me to just show the last 3 months of data?

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              Sure; create a script like:


              Enter Find Mode [ no pause ]

              Set Field [ target field: YourTableName::BodyAgeDate ; calculated result: ">=" & Get ( CurrentDate ) - 90 ]

              Set Error Capture [ on ]

              Perform Find [ no restore ]

              If [ not Get ( FoundCount ) ]

                # [ no matching records found ; show all records, or display a dialog, or … ]

              End If

              Sort Records [ theCalculatedDateField ]


              You can of course search for exactly the last three months, but if 90 days does the job …

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                Thank you!  Where do I put the script?  This graph is actually on the same layout with a lot of of data fields.


                Thank you for your help.