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Filemaker 14 theme compatibility with Filemaker 13 clients

Question asked by dobunzli on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by ch0c0halic



I am considering migrating from my old classic theme to a new Filemaker 14 based theme.


My production environnement is a Filemaker 14 Server with three Filemaker 13 clients and one Filemaker 14 advanced client. I am stuck with those Filemaker 13 clients as they are not involved in those crashes.


I want to see if migrating to a Filemaker 14 theme based solution will solve those crashes that I have only with my Filemaker 14 client.


My question: Will I be able to use the same configuration, i.e. Filemaker 13 clients with a Filemaker 14 theme based solution without any problems ?

I have read that it is problematic to open a Filemaker 14 theme based solution with Filemaker 12.

Is that problem also true with Filemaker 13 ?


Before I move my Filemaker 13 clients to 14 clients, I want to first test if those annoying crashes disappear.


Thanks in advance for your answers.