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    Opening Screen


      Hello, I have an opening screen and I am putting a Custom Dialog (Disclaimer) box for them to read.  I have an OK button.  I basically want them to read the disclaimer and if they agree click OK.  I have this and this is working but I was thinking if they did not agree they could just close out of the program with the x in the upper right of the screen, however they cannot not because all functions are not usable because of the custom dialog.  The question is, how can I add a NO button to the Custom Dialog box ( I know how to add the NO button) but a NO button that will close the program.  Any help is appreciated.

      Or is there a better process that makes more sense?

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          Your script that opens the custom dialog box could be something like this:


          Show Custom Dialog [ "Disclaimer"; "This is the disclaimer text..." ]

          If [ Get(LastMessageChoice)=2 ]

              Close File [ Current File ]

          End If



          This assumes your 'Show Custom Dialog' options are set up like this:


          Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.23.17.png


          However, you might find the amount of space for the disclaimer text in the dialog box message is too small, so another method would be simply to have the file open on a layout that displays the text and then have a couple of buttons on that layout - the Agree one would go to another layout so the user can carry on, and a 'Disagree' button that would simply close the file.... See sample file attached.

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            Thank for the answer and Idea.