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    calc' based on records within the current calendar year


      So, my lovely FM Buddies:


      • Holiday date  [Date Field]
      • Holiday Value [Number Field ]       // A day booked would usually be 1 but could be a half day ( 0.5)


      I wish to calculate the sum of the Holiday value, but only if that falls within the current calendar year  01 Jan to 31 Dec ( sorry to my dear friends across the pond , 1/1/ - 12/31 ... ( Shudder)


      I have a feeling that I should be using a GET YEAR type thingy


      My head is fried, it's been a long but productive FM weekend


      As always, I'd be most grateful for any suggestions.


      Isn't FM Pro 14 Advanced marvelous by the way


      Michael  x


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