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    Summary chart from data of 2 charts


      Good evening,


      I have two tables, the incoming invoices and the outgoing invoices. The tables are not related. Now, I want to make a bar chart, which shows for every quarter (3 months), the sum of the incoming invoices and the sum of the outgoing invoices. So, that it can easily be seen that the outgoing invoices are bigger than the incoming invoices. I would like to have some thing like:


      Is this possible in Filemaker? I can make a bar graph for the outgoing invoices per quarter, but is it possible to set the incoming invoices also on the graph?

      Thank in advance

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          Hi Agnes –


          ideally you would have all invoices in a single table. Lacking that, use the Virtual List method, or ExecuteSQL.


          Have a look into the attached sample file. You see one example for a chart in a combined table (first layout), and in the last layout an example for a chart using ExecuteSQL. As the name of the table/layout implies, you can use ExecuteSQL() from any context


          To change the year for the first chart, change the found set (i.e. find records for another year) to be summarized.


          For the other chart, change the year in the global that is used in the calculation.


          I hope this gives you some ideas.