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    Show All records greyed out


      I have not kept up with the addition of the relational aspect of the DB. I have just built a simple new database and find that "Show All records" is greyed out. I do not know what to do to show the few records I have created in List View in a Layout of my choice rather than the table layout. I guess it´s to do with the aspect of "table occurrence" which I do not understand yet. I need some step by step help.

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          If you are talking about "Show All" on the Status Toolbar, the fact that it is greyed out means you are already showing all records. If you Omit a record or records, or are in a found set less than the full set of records, "Show All" will not be greyed out.

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            There are 4 or 5 records in the DB but only 1 is shown. If I switch to table view I can see them all but I need to see them in my chosen layout. I suspect it has to do with "table occurrences" which I do not understand as it is a new feature in a later version. I have had Filemaker almost from the outset i.e. since 20 years ago.

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              If you are switching to table view and see ALL, then "Show All" will be greyed out, because they are all there.

              If you switch back to form view, you see one at a time, but they are all there.

              If you switch to list view, you will see your Form, but you can now see a scroll at the right to go from one record to the next.


              Can you send a screen shot of the top of your database screen? If you see Show All in the menu, you probably have the Status Tool bar hidden.


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                Thank you Beverly

                The reference to the scroll bar at the side gave me a clue. I realised that the “body” part of the layout was so large that I could see only one record. The next one was off the page. I reduced the body part to one record and now I can see the list in of records in list view.

                Do you happen to know of a tutorial on the Internet that teaches you the very basics of the relational DB aspects in FileMaker?

                Many thanks again.

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                  1. Start with the resources in this forum (Nav bar at top: Resources). There you will find documents, tutorials, white paper and videos.


                  2. Get the FileMaker Training Series

                       a. Basic (free)

                       b. Advanced (free with FileMaker Developer Subscription - see Home for link to FDS)


                  3. you can find videos and tutorials and classes and books in your favorite search engine.



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                    Many thanks, Beverly, I appreciate your help!



                    p.s. My time is divided by trying to help refugees, look after a 95 year old and music, so the time left for FileMaker is a bare minimum.

                    I was over the moon when I discovered this DB 20 years ago and it could do everything I wanted.