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Relational database structure question

Question asked by reeflifeapps on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

Good day,

I am developing an fm14 database and am stuck on how to accomplish something.   I have many tables, but two of which are the issue.  I have a database (table) of several thousand marine species, called "species".  I have another table that contains the global oceans divided into 188 different sub regions, called "subRegions".  Naturally, each species can be found in multiple sub regions. 


Not sure how to set up the relationship to accomplish this.  The subRegions table had "id", "name", and "coordinates" as it fields.   It is easy to set a foreign key to the subRegions id, from the species id, but how to set this so that multiple regions can be displayed, per species, at once? 


Also, i have the data structure in that, when exported to excel, the column headers are the region, the first row is the species ID with the main body with "1" or blanks if the boolean is true or not.  Not sure how to set up the fields?


This data will be exported to a MySQL database.


Thank you, David