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Question asked by Charlesdh on May 3, 2016
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Thanks too those who helped me before. But, I still need help for a solution to my problem.

All of my attempts have failed. Even with the suggestions I received.

What I'm trying to do is "Link" images to a "Product".

The Product Name is like this "19DH2437 1234" the Image is also named the same except it has a ".png".

In my testing I entered the "Product Name with the ".png".

Ie: "19DH2347 1234.png"

The Image does not show when I enter the example above.

I have the container set as  "Secured" location set to  \\Mac\Home\Documents\Images\

In my example I did not import the images folder. I'm hoping someone can look at my file to see if it's correct.

The image box for the "Product" I used  "Portal".