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    Cryptolocker Virus and FileMaker???

      Is it possible for a virus to attach itself to the filemaker program on a users machine OR to be attached to a file (like jpg, pdf or other image files) stored in an external container field and then be passed along if exported/emailed out?


      I do not understand how virus' work and wonder if scanning the program as well as the files in the external container fields would help me determine if that's where it's coming from or not.


      Thanks for any help/insight you might be able to offer.



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          A computer virus is software that someone has wrote to do harm to your computer.   Viruses can  infect all kinds of files, it depends on the virus.  The virus will rewrite part of a program to run other programs and viruses can take over your email client and sent email to anyone in your address book.   


          As far as Cryptolocker is concerned the information I have read is that it is an executable file disguised as an attachment such as a pdf or zip file and usually come in your email.


          Best solution is to have anti-virus / firewall software installed on your computer and run regular scans.  It is recommend that you don't scan your fmp database because it could become corrupt.


          GOZ and CryptoLocker Malware Affecting Users Globally - Threat Encyclopedia - Trend Micro USA

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            So could it be possible for a user to import an infected file into a container field within Filemaker and then the virus could be spread through FileMaker?

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              Markus Schneider

              Yes )-:


              It depends on several detail, but for high risk data, best would be to block uncontrolled data transfer to workstations (Win/Mac/Unix-Linux) and other devices as far as possible. There are solutions available that make it impossible to use USB devices (etc). Internet traffic is controlled by firewall/anti-virus, etc.


              Internet isn't a nice world.. if users are working in the field with mobile devices and load files into containers...

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                Anything is possible.  If anti-virus software is running on the computer then it would most likely be detected before it got imported into a container field.   Several email providers scan email for virus and will not deliver the email if a virus is detect.    The most common way for viruses to spread is through email and cookies (websites visited).  

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                  It is wise to keep software updated such as Windows because a lot of the updates fix security holes.   Always make backups and restore point before updating.   Updates such as Java can make some version of FMS console stop working.   It's a good idea to test the updates on one machine before updating all computers.   Always keep your anti-virus software update and schedule regular scans. 

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                    If you're really worried about this virus, you might want to consider moving away from Windows. This virus, like the tens of thousands of others target one platform specifically. Ah, .... hmmm, ....


                    CryptoLocker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


                    HOPE THIS HELPS.


                    - m

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                      That one virus may target Windows, but that does not mean a virus can't be written to target another platform.  A virus is a program, and that program can be written to take advantage of any platform.   C runs on most OS.

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                        Sure, that's technically correct.


                        But you have to factor in the reality that 99% of viruses out there target one platform. Not that any platform is full proof but the mac does not enable "Administrator" privileges (#) by default. In fact, Apple makes it quite a pain to even enable the root account, which is probably a good idea.


                        I was just posting a comment ... for the OP, but appreciate your reply.


                        - m

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                          I'm posting a comment too.   The majority of computers are pcs.  PCs have also been more accessible to people so in turn most of the software has been written for PCs.  There has been an increase in programing languages for MACs then in the pass so you will start seeing more virus for MACs.  icloud got hacked in 2014.  iCloud leaks of celebrity photos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   It just takes someone motivated to hack that platform. 

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                            Although I appreciate your perspective about Windows, that just isn't a solution for us :-)


                            In the case that prompted my question, it turns out that FileMaker was not the source of the virus but rather an end-user decided to open an email attachment that was infected.  But for a brief period of time, there a little talk about it possibly coming from FileMaker.  And although our company has things setup to scan emails against viruses, evidently this was still missed - boo!


                            Still, I appreciate knowing that FileMaker could be vulnerable to holding/storing an infected file and now we can determine how to avoid that.


                            Thanks everyone!

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                              Good afternoon MichelleEvans,


                              I hope your day is going well. I've had a couple run-ins with variants of the "CryptoLocker" malware, it's a nasty little rascal! If you don't have backups that predate the execution of the malware on a particular system you may have a real problem. If that is indeed the case, you probably only have two choices: Find a way to pay for the decryption key without further compromising yourself, or wiping the system and starting fresh.


                              In my case, I caught the malware before it had the opportunity to encrypt everything and was able to use a combination of Malwarebytes and manual deletion to remove it from the system; the encrypted files were unretrievable. Simply running a malware scan wasn't sufficient to remove all instances of the malware, but you should be able to find the most likely places the malware hides itself by visiting some of the websites already mentioned in this thread (e.g., Trend Micro, Symantec, etc...) and then manually delete the individual files that the malware scan may miss. Good luck!


                              God bless,




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                                Well, it's more than the programming languages available as those have been around for a long time on the Mac; it's more about the security model.


                                But, hey, don't even get me started on "The Cloud" (in general). Yuck.


                                I completely avoid all cloud services. Security (per your link above) as well as the plethora of other reasons (who actually owns your data if it's in the cloud (read those agreements!)? What happens if you can't get to the service? What happens if the Ts&Cs change? What happens if they accidentally remove your account/data?, lots of other issues).


                                All I'll add is that after being a loyal PC User for 20 years (MS Vista fixed that) and having moved to the Mac 7 years ago, the number of crashes, viruses, other system problems, and the like I've had can be summed up with one word: Z-E-R-O. Not a single crash. Not a single virus or malware. Not a single ....


                                On the other hand, I know several Windows folks (not flaming here at all) who think nothing of staying up all night to "fix" Outlook or to do the go-to PC cure: re-install Windows.  I've also noticed that many (actually, all of the folks I personally know) Windows folks that dismiss Macs have never actually tried them. And, a good friend of mine who recently was "forced" to use a Mac for his job, now refuses to go back to his previous "platform".


                                OK, that's it for my anecdotal evidence.


                                In any case, at least "trying" a mac isn't a bad idea. If you can't do it or don't want to do it, fine. It's great to have (IMHO) great options.


                                And, you can still run Windows four ways on a Mac if you have to:


                                1. Boot camp - Native speed. (Free)


                                2. Parallels - VM


                                3. VM Fusion - FM


                                4. Virtual Box (free)


                                (The Mac Book Pro just got a perfect 10.0 in laptop review magazine.)




                                - m

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                                  I hope you're able to quickly fix your issues.


                                  Thanks for your reply.


                                  - m

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                                    I have a Mac Book Pro and yep it has crashed.  The hard disk went bad.  It's electronic and is man made so it can fail in a Mac just like it can in a PC.  Yes I also hard drive to fail in a PC.   Both platforms have there pros and cons.  I use my PC more than my MAC. 


                                    Sometime Windows has to be reinstalled, there is system Restore if it does get infected with a virus.  MAC has Time Machine.  Nothing happens to a MAC right, so I guess Time Machine is there for nothing.


                                    No it's not a matter of just security, Windows can be secured or not.   MS went over board with security in Vista and everyone hated it.  Virus are more prominent on PCs because more people have access to them and yes more access to programing languages.   It was very easier in the late 90's with Visual Studio it was cheap compared to other programing languages.  



                                    Yes, I run Windows on my MAC book pro.   A few years ago MAC users stated MAC were better equipment than PCs......Now MACs are build on the same Intel CPUs, Ram and Hard drives as PCs.  Why do you think Windows runs so good on a MAC.  



                                    I have nothing against a MAC but you are fooling yourself if you ignore virus protection on your MAC.    Macs have gotten more popular because of the ios devices, which requires a MAC (Xcode) to program which means more user will be programming MACs. The more people the more chances of getting a Virus.  Apple has limited the spread of virus with the App store,  but software that is not downloaded from the App store can easily transfer a virus.  



                                    I love my PC and my MAC and they have served me well.



                                    PS hard drives don't work forever in any computer.   SSD are less likely to fail.


                                    Sorry, there is not a computer that is a perfect 10.   

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