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    WebDirect abilities?




      I have a couple of questions about WebDirect abilities:


      1)  Can WebDirect be "responsive" to different screen sizes?  In other words, can it be setup to automatically adjust the size of the same served layout/page for a desktop computer screen as well as a phone?


      2)  Can WebDirect include slideshows of pictures that automatically rotate through a few pictures at regular intervals, such as every 3 seconds?  Can this be done without any user interaction so that when they arrive at the website the slideshow automatically begins?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.





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          1) No. Definition of layout width/height, object placing are respeted, so not "responsive".


          2) Mainkg animated gif may be the easiest way.

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            1) Yes, use the OnLayoutChange script trigger to swap between different layouts when a major change in interface is required, otherwise use the "anchors" to automatically resize components on the screen.  Other tricks include using the "Hide" feature to hide layout objects depending on the screen size.

            2) Yes, use the installOnTimer script step to change the image at regular intervals.

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              I wrote "No" for 1) since OP wrote "the same served layout/page", so using "layouts" is not the answer. User don't care about the layout is the same or not, but developer do.

              I agree limited cases can be resolved using your tricks, but I think about always the worst case


              For 2), I couldn't write it without test since I don't like onTimer working on FMPro that disturb users action some time.

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                Yes I completely agree with you too.  It can be responsive but it's limited compared to native web pages.  I just wanted to give a different point of view.

                I have made a couple of webdirect pages now where I have started with a different desktop/mobile layout but with some tweaking the mobile layout has scaled up to the desktop well and I have removed the desktop layout so sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


                Likewise with InstallOnTimer, it depends on what the layout is doing.  I haven't used it much...  This thread makes me think of a feature request for FileMaker, slide panels that automatically rotate at a set time, that would be nice.

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                  I have seen WebDirect 15 claim to be "responsive".  Is this true in the common definition of a "responsive" website, or is FileMaker using it's own definition of "responsive"?

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                    "responsive" may depend on your designs (as for 'normal' web sites).

                    but if you mean it conforms to various browsers and platforms (& even "adjusts" for them), again it may depend upon your designs.


                    I wonder if this helps you (& others):

                    There are several threads on this forum about this topic. Search for 'response' after clicking the magnifying glass in the menu.