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Script to insert record in portal stopped working

Question asked by tomperr on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by tomperr

Hoping someone can help with this issue.  I have a simple portal set up.  Also button to run a script to insert record.  The button and script worked worked flawlessly until today.


The script to insert record is:

     Go to Portal Row [Last]

     Set Field [Task::cLogDate; Get ( CurrentDate )]

     Commit Records/Requests [Force Commit]

     Go to Portal Row [First]

     Go to Field [Tasks::Task]


Thru the relationship, the "Allow Creation of Records" is selected.


Now when executing button/script the cursor locates itself in the 1st existing record, task field.

What I did notice is that no empty record is formed in the last row.

Why would this inadvertently happen?