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    Blurry Container Field


      I have a drawing saved as pdf file and put into a container filed.  When I print it from FM it's very blurry.  I can export the same container field to the desktop and print it and it's perfect.  I am optimized for pdf, reduce or enlarge image to fit, maintain original proportions.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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          I am just running across this myself:  an image used as a page header, it looks just a bit blurry when exported to PDF.  This is true for either 'Save as PDF' or 'Print -> Save PDF'.  This is using OSX, FMPA 15.02.  For me it's not a huge difference, but certainly noticeable and makes you squint your eyes a bit.


          Here's a sample that I am seeing  (I was trying a couple of other solutions, that's why there are two layered images in each one).


          PDF image compare.png