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    Deciding if to buy Filemaker


      Hello All and thank you in advance for your time.


      I'm trying to decide if Filemaker will work for my needs, but after looking at most of the sales documentaiton I still have a few remaining questions.


      I hope that one or more people here can claify these last remaining questions so that I can make a decision.


      Here we go:


      1. I will frequently use this product to export email fields only for mass emailing (when I say "mass" I'm really only speaking about a 400 to 500. Will FM give me the ability to easily export the email fields ONLY of a database to, say, excel from which I can just copy/paste into Outlook?


      2. Does Filemaker have the ability to easily insert FULL DOCUMENTS (e.g. word, excel, pdf's, etc) into a FM database (not just a text pointer to where these files may be located?).


      2A - If this can be done, is there a MB/GB limit to the size of the files I can insert?

      2B - If this can be done, will FM somehow compress the files for easy transfer to another party (see question 3 below)


      3. I will need to share one or more FM databases with my boss (who will also have a license) so that he can add/edit/delete database entries as needed. It's his idea that we simply email a particular database back and forth for this purpose.


      3A - Is this a good workflow to use in order to give both of us the ability to add/edit/delete entries as and when needed?

      3B - If this is not an efficient workflow, can someone suggest one that is for our needs in this regards?


      4. Will FM give me the opportunity to copy/past various fields from one FM database to another?


      5. I use a PC and my boss uses a MAC - will the FM databases created be ABSOLUTELY cross platform compatible (PC/MAC) without exception?


      Again, thank you all for answering these few questions... truly appreciated!

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          1) Yes, The emails can also be sent directly from Filemaker

          2) Yes, the file size limit is 4 gb ( Technical specifications of FileMaker Pro 14 and FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced | FileMaker  ).  Some files such as images can be compressed, others can't.  Files stored inside the FileMaker database usually increase the database size by more than the size of the file inserted into it... which leads to my answer for #3.

          3) Bad workflow... so many chances for database corruption in my view and then you both need to make sure who has the most up to date version, etc.  Also you will very quickly get beyond the 20mb limit that most email clients put on attachments.

          Put the file on a server or share it from a computer that is always on.  You can have up to 5 people sharing a file at once before getting FM Server.  There are hosting companies such as fmphost.com that can host the file for you also without you needing to buy FM Server.

          4) Yes

          5) For your case I would say yes.  Only more advanced things like trying to run an AppleScript on a Windows computer won't work for obvious reasons.

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            5. There are some exceptions, font incompatibility may be the most issue. Os specific thing like "Send Event" script is nothing compatible.

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              Hello Carl and User19752 -


              Thank you so much for your input regarding my issue - enlightening.