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FM13 No Longer Displaying Google Maps Properly?

Question asked by CrystalCarlson on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by schamblee

Hi there,

I hope I'm posting in the correct place for this; please excuse me if I am not.


We have FileMaker Pro 13 running on 6 client computers - 4 at our office, and 2 in our home. All machines are running Windows 10, except for one at the home which is on Windows 7. All are using Chrome as the default browser.


We are a housecleaning business, so our original programmer (many years ago) implemented a Google Maps button in order for us to view a client's location on a map quickly from FileMaker.


It has worked fine for a long time, and then a few weeks ago we noticed that when we view a map, the left-hand "info panel" is just blank white and appears to be stuck in an eternal loading loop. If the map is left alone, the left-hand panel never finishes "loading".


This only occurs on a few of the client computers - three at the office, and one at the home. All computers are up-to-date both with browser and Windows Update.


Attached please find a screenshot of the issue, with the blank white left-hand info panel.




I have also attached a screenshot of what a map looks like on one of the working computers:





(I borrowed FileMaker's corporate address for my example maps!)


We did not install anything new on the computers, nor have there been any changes.

I'm at a loss as to what could possibly be going on, or how to fix it. Any advice/help is appreciated.


Thank you.