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WebDirect Custom Dialog Limit?

Question asked by dchretien on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by tsplatypus

I'm working on a WebDirect solution.  When a user completes the information, and they click the "Submit" button (or a "Save" button so that they may return later to continue), the system presents a Custom Dialog that provides them with some information about what they've done and what they may do if they return.


I'm finding that this works just fine so long as the text in the dialog is not very long (somewhere around 100 characters), but if you have more text the first 100 characters, or so, will display and will word-wrap if the dialog is resized.  If there are more than approximately 100 characters, the dialog will not word-wrap properly, and only the first few lines will display even if the dialog is enlarged vertically.  If there are paragraph breaks included, the first paragraph wraps (as long as it's shorter than approximately 1000 characters), and subsequent lines may or may not appear, and will not word-wrap if they do appear.


Has anyone else encountered this, and more importantly, has anyone found a work-around?


I will submit this as a bug if someone else can confirm this behavior.