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    WebDirect Custom Dialog Limit?


      I'm working on a WebDirect solution.  When a user completes the information, and they click the "Submit" button (or a "Save" button so that they may return later to continue), the system presents a Custom Dialog that provides them with some information about what they've done and what they may do if they return.


      I'm finding that this works just fine so long as the text in the dialog is not very long (somewhere around 100 characters), but if you have more text the first 100 characters, or so, will display and will word-wrap if the dialog is resized.  If there are more than approximately 100 characters, the dialog will not word-wrap properly, and only the first few lines will display even if the dialog is enlarged vertically.  If there are paragraph breaks included, the first paragraph wraps (as long as it's shorter than approximately 1000 characters), and subsequent lines may or may not appear, and will not word-wrap if they do appear.


      Has anyone else encountered this, and more importantly, has anyone found a work-around?


      I will submit this as a bug if someone else can confirm this behavior.



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          Additional information:  The Custom Dialog in WebDirect does not seem to display anything beyond four lines.



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            Thank you for your post.


            I was able to test this on FileMaker Server 14.0.4b WebDirect with Safari, Chrome, and IE11. I had the same results on each, which are as follows:

            -Custom Dialog Shows

            -I get a scroll bar to see all the text

            -scrolling horizontally may show more text

            -scrolling vertically does not show additional text


            I did however, have no trouble with data not appearing at all.



            FileMaker, Inc.


            See screen shots:

            Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.56.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-04 at 3.57.17 PM.png

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              Good afternoon dchretien,


              I hope your day is going well. I wonder if you could you a Popover button and merge fields to accomplish your goal. That would give you the ability to customize the size of the window and the content. You may also be able to use a script trigger to handle the "Saving" or "Submitting" task. I haven't tried this technique, so it may be complete foo. Good luck!


              God bless,




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                Hi Bill,


                My day's been fine; I hope yours has, as well.


                I certainly can use a popover, or even another layout to do what I need.  I was just checking to see if this was behavior that others had been experiencing (it's certainly not what I'd expect), and to see if anyone had found a way to get Custom Dialogs to behave as expected.


                i figured if there was something simple that I'd missed, I would't have to change scripts or layouts.





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                  I just checked, and my client's server (running on a Windows VM) is, so one of the first things I need to do is to have them run the latest updates to see if that's the problem. 


                  Here's what I'm seeing with what they have.  (These tests were made from Safari on Mac OS X 10.11.4.  My client was obtaining the same results using Chrome on Mac OS X 10.11.x.)


                  The dialog text is generated from the following:


                  Dialog Text Calculation.png


                  This displays (for me and for my client) as follows:






                  As you can see, no more than four lines are displayed, regardless of the size of the dialog.  There should be a blank line, followed by "Thank you." on each of these, but that never displays.  (I don't know what might happen if I tried to make the dialog wide enough to constrain all of the first paragraph to one or two lines, though...)



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                    Thank you for your response.


                    Let me know what happens after updating to FileMaker Server 14.0.413. I did try to reproduce with the calculation as close to yours as I could get it and still no issues with any of the Browsers on any OS. You might also try this in a new file?



                    FileMaker, Inc.



                    Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.31.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-04 at 5.30.59 PM.png