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    Log Files


      Is there anyway to determine why a script failed to import a file in FileMaker?


      Are there any log files created showing a failure or any failures?


      Trying determine why one user can execute a FileMaker application to completion and another user cannot where their FileMaker security is identical.

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          1. can you post a screen shot of the script?

          2. is the database hosted on FMServer and do you have access to the logs? (by date/time & user, you may be able to see)

          3. on what platform is this hosted? (as there may be OS logs).


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            The database is not hosted on an FMServer; it is just pulling the data from files on our local server into a FileMaker application that resides on the desktop.

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              How are files accessed? through peer-to-peer and using the Open Remote?


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                They are accessed via the FileMaker import routine


                I was under the impression there were log files created when importing/exporting data within FileMaker that I would be able to access to help in determining any problems encountered.

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                  OK, so

                  1. you have more than one person with FileMaker

                  2. the filemaker database is not hosted on FMServer or peer-to-peer

                  3. the import script is not working well for one


                  are you sure the file is the same for both?

                  can you post the script(s)?


                  there should be an "import.log" file created, yes. As we don't have sufficient information, it may be difficult to troubleshoot, but the file should be created for the user. I get the "import.log" if I have a "local" file and it's created in the same directory as the database file.


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                    Here is my logic…


                    I am able to execute the program successfully

                    I had the other user in question log into the application on my pc and she ran the program successfully

                    So, from that I can see the FileMaker security is the same for both of us

                    However, she evidently does not have the access to the file from her pc

                    Does that make sense?

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                      vjconaway wrote:


                      However, she evidently does not have the access to the file from her pc

                      Does that make sense?


                      Seems to point to a security / permissions issue at the OS level for that user on her machine, not a FileMaker issue.


                      Bev has asked a few times to post a screenshot of the script.  Do you let the users select the file to import or is a pre-built path?  Also, if you capture the error right after the import script step, what is the error number?

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                        I agree with you and the user does not select anything; it is already built into the script; I don’t think it has anything to do with the script


                        That why I thought there would be a log file identifying that the file was unable due to security

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                          what permission is set for the user?

                          if the import.log is NOT being created, then it is probably a permission error. What do the OS log files say?


                          you are giving so little information, I will not comment further on this discussion.