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Method to obtain layout Part sizes for smart window resizing

Question asked by tcmeyers on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by tcmeyers

I'd like to write a script to resize the height of a list window based on the number of records in the found set. In this application it will typically start with just one record, but as the user adds or deletes/omits records (by script) I want the window to get vertically longer/shorter so that it's always just the right size to show the header, body (X number of records worth) and footer without the user scrolling.


I haven't found a function to return the values of the Header height, Body height, and Footer height. I can manually provide these, but my script then needs to be manually updated any time the size of any of these change. I really want to avoid that. In fact I'd like the script to work in any similar situation, not just this one layout.


Am I missing the function? I didn't find it in Design functions, and unfortunately GetObjectAttributes won't work for me because I'm not allowed to assign object names to the Parts.


Ideas, please?