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Script Doesn't Work When Run from Server

Question asked by BenKingsbury on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by BenKingsbury

I have a script that only seems to work when run from my FileMaker Pro Advanced on my PC, but not when run from the server.  In other words, it does all the steps properly if I go into my Scripts menu and run it, but when I go into the FileMaker Admin Console and run it, it doesn't work. 


The script is supposed to find records that have been modified since it was last run and put that data into an temporary table (in the same file).  Then it should export all the records in that temporary table to the FileMaker server.  The problem is that none of the records show up in the temporary table when run from the server.  Only when I run it from the PC in FileMaker Pro. 


I checked all the compatibility steps and they are all compatible on the server.  It doesn't do any imports, just looks for records in other tables.  There aren't scripting errors when running it from the server.


Anyone have this happen?


Thank you!