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Hide button bar segment

Question asked by fmnoob on May 5, 2016
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I have a layout with a 3 panel slide control and a 3 button button bar in the Top Navigation section. Each button corresponds to a slide panel.

Detail; Photo; Map

I want to hide the button segment that selects the currently displayed slide panel.

If the Detail Panel is front most I want the 'Detail' button segment to be hidden.


Using the following in the 'Hide object when'  the button segment is hidden when that panel is front most, but also when the other panels are front most. ParkSlideDetail is the object name of the detail page of the slide panel. Each page of the panel has a corresponding object name.

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "ParkSlideDetail" ; "isFrontPanel") = 1


When I use the same calculation for the other button segments the segment does not get hidden.

GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "ParkSlidePhoto" ; "isFrontPanel") = 1 Does not hide the 'Photo' segment of the button bar.


Am I misusing the 'GetLayoutObjectAttribute' function?


Any help appreciated.