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I have connected FM with MySQL DB by using ODBC driver.

Have made script to fill up a field in FM with variable from MySql by using SetField+ExecuteSQL calculation.

Script is working. But its working only one time.

I would like to use triggers, and execute the same script on every record after opening it. Goal is to change few fields in FM by taking data from My SQL. After starting FM first time and browsing the records, its working.


After doing some changes in MySQL, and after using the same script in FM, i cant get new variable from MySQL to FM. I get only the same old variable. After opening and closing "Relations", and after executing the same script, i get new variables from MySql.


I was trying to use 'Refresh window' in script, the same issue.

I was trying to use Field name of MySQL instead of ExecuteSQL - no success too.


How could i fix it?