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ODBC .NET - Only SELECT * Works

Question asked by on May 5, 2016
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I am testing out ODBC using FileMaker Pro 11 locally. I created a test database with simple 3 simple fields (First, Last, Age). I am using .NET. My database connection works just fine, but when I try to select individual fields rather than all fields I get an exception on the bolded line:


using (OdbcConnection fmpConnection = new OdbcConnection(connectionString))



                OdbcCommand fmpQuery = new OdbcCommand(queryString, fmpConnection);

               OdbcDataReader dr = fmpQuery.ExecuteReader();

                while (dr.Read())






The exception tells me there is an error in the syntax of my query. I am probably missing something terribly obvious.


The query string that hits the exception is:

string queryString = "SELECT First, Last FROM Test";


The query string that works is:

string queryString = "SELECT * FROM Test";


I returned the field names to determine if ... for whatever reason ... they were not called what I named them in the Layout. But they are.


Any ideas? Has anyone else experienced this?


Thank you so much,


EDIT: As I was writing this I figured it out. I had to change my query string to:


string queryString = "SELECT \"First\", \"Last\", \"Age\" FROM Test";


Hopefully someone benefits from this.