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    Linked or not linked??!?


      Hello everyone!

      I'm building a database for my organic garden... everything worked perfect so far but:

      I made a new table and can't get it to link properly with the others! I can't explain why... other similar relationships work perfect in my database!


      I have a table to store TYPES OF VEGETABLES and infos like the density I sow in the fields, number of seeds per gram, stuff like that.

      An other table is VARIETIES, where I store specific infos and pictures about specific varieties of a given vegetable.

      The new table is BATCHES. Each time I sow a variety, I enter a new record in this table to allow me to keep track of dates, quantity sown, etc.


      When I enter new records in BATCHES, I'm unable to retrieve any information in VEGETABLES. I would need, for example, to have the name of the vegetable linked to this variety (if I sow "sun sugar", I would like to also display "tomato", and also, for example, the size of container I use to first sow tomatoes, which is a 72 plug tray, etc etc


      for now, fields are left blank, and I can't figure out why!!!!

      if anyone can help me solving that, tat would be so great!!!! many thanks,