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    this forum...

    Markus Schneider

      Since there seem to be no longer a section like 'community forum feedback', I'll post this one here


      We have now a new version of Jive - and quite a few things are working much better than before.


      That said - and to be honest - If I were not a 'FileMaker-guy', I would check this forum one single time - and then never again. It's unbelievable SLOOOOW, at least here in Europe and on iPad

      I usually swipe  to the right to go to a previous page - this is during forever. Further on, the implemantation of a touch interface is bad, really bad (not existant). More: The interface is not consitent, sometimes one can edit, sometimes one can not, sometimes one as to click on a link on the right side, sometimes there is a link below the posting.


      There is an iOS version of Jive, but I don't have the grip to check that one more time. It's like dining in a restaurant: If it's not good the first time, one will come back and try again. If it's bad again, one will not come back - even with new owners, new cook...



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          FYI, on the Home, Feedback (a separate link from Community information).

          or on every page, the new menu at top (Community):


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            Markus Schneider

            Oh jeh )-:

            Did not check that there is that option. Sorry

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              I had a bad experience this morning and I had to type one post 4 time.  I would go back to proof read click in the middle of a sentence to correct and hit back space three or four times times then the whole post would disappear.

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                Looks like beverly led you to the right spot. Community Feedback




                I was unable to reproduce this issue in Safari, Chrome, or IE 11. It seems as long as my cursor was in the Title or the "Body" I was able to do a backspace. Of course, if I clicked outside of those onto the webpage itself and hit backspace it will "go back" to my previous page. If you could get me a little more information:

                What browser are you using?

                What Operating System are you on?



                FileMaker, Inc.

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                  Markus, I am completely on your side on this.


                  You might have missed the correct link leading to the place where you can complain about forum slowness, OK.


                  This is NOT the real problem. There's a nowadays widespread mentality making you feel guilty about not hitting the correct panic button, while the REAL problem is elsewhere, like in there should be not a reason to hit a panic button on a slow developer forum just to complain about the forum being slow. The f'ing developing forum has to be fast, period and carriage return.


                  It takes me 7 seconds to be able to edit a post, 12 seconds to go from a post to the discussions, 11 seconds to load a discussion, I'm on a 500/50 mbit cablecom line, WTF.

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                    I will note that a complaint I made a long time ago has now been fixed.  When I click the login on Safari with Mac OS X, I don't have to click in the User Name or Password field before hitting the button to login.  Finally.... whew!  Yes, minor thing, but always bother me - haha. 

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                      Markus Schneider

                      I can't reply to this posting when coming from the announcement screen.. I have to click on thread's title - and wait again.


                      Please don't tell me that You can't reproduce, This forum is slow, way too slow..

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                        That I can reproduce. I am also unable to reply directly from the inbox as I could previously. While this may have been intentional for the update I will report it as it can be inconvenient.



                        FileMaker, Inc.

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                          Markus, please mail me when it's usable again, for the time being I'm off. c ya all.

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                            It only happen that one time this morning.  If it happens again I will let you know. 

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                              I posted a similar message a couple weeks ago.


                              You'd think that FM would want this forum to be wickedly fast as the FileMaker forum is really like a "FileMaker ...



                              Unfortunately, if this site were an actual resume, it would never be called for an interview.


                              Moreover, just like you don't have typos on your resume, a Web site by a company for developers should be fast, adequately staffed, and be generally regarded as good by all who use it.


                              And, Markus, I also totally agree with you. Just like many incredible version 1.0 missing features in FM 14 Advanced, I'm completely baffled how FM could let a pig-slow site like this exist for so long. It doesn't send a good message in my opinion. Begs the questions: is FM too cash strapped to fix this? Does FM care? Does FM even notice? I don't know the answers to any of these questions, of course, but you gotta wonder...


                              Maybe TSGal or someone will take notice and let someone know about the embarrassment this site should be.


                              IOW, FM, get this site fixed.




                              10 seconds between anything happening between clicks and the other problems reported in this thread? For me, this is the worst performing site I've ever used. I dread coming here for that one reason -- but I still make the journey here since the community itself (the devs) rocks!


                              (This site should be) Embarrassing FM, Really. Really.


                              - m

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                                I have to agree:


                                • before the forum was slow
                                • after the update it's slower .


                                I you really want to suffer, use the forum on an iPad 2. *Sigh*


                                I understand FMI does not develop Jive, but they should talk very loud to Jive Software.



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                                  The issue is that the Web site domain is: filemaker.com so it really doesn't matter about Jive or anything else.


                                  It's like saying your resume has typos in it because you let someone else type it.


                                  It's YOUR resume. YOUR responsibility.


                                  (FM's Responsibility, that is).


                                  - m

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                                    To add flavour to the original problem, now when clicking on Discussions you have to execute an additional click on English.



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