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Field Picker Issues

Question asked by Dddavid on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by TSGal

OS X El Capitan 10.11.4   -   Filemaker Pro 13.0v5    &     Filemaker Pro Advanced 13.0v9


I have a draft solution, that I began building on Pro 13, and I have no Field Picker issues with those drafts.


I purchased a copy of Pro Advanced 13, and continued my building on clones of the original drafts.

All those copies have the following field picker issues:

          -     cannot search in the FIELD PICKER

          -     fields disappear if I use/change the "Table Selector" in the FIELD PICKER

          -     The NEW FIELD button in the FIELD PICKER does nothing

          -     Clicking the DRAG OPTIONS does not alter the Picker window         


I then created, with Advanced, an empty database, and I copied and pasted individual fields from my PRO (no issues) drafts, AND my ADVANCED (buggie) drafts, and there are still NO Field Picker issues


I then attempted to Import, into the latter new database, a complete Table, from my Advanced (buggie) drafts, and there are no Field Picker issues UNTIL., I choose the newly Imported Table, from the Field Picker, and from then on, I have all of the same Field Picker issues, throughout the whole file.


I am fairly new at, properly, building solutions, although, I have been studying on and off for several years.

This is my first serious attempt at making something of worth, in hopes that I can introduce it at the office.


I am VERY concerned that I have stability issues, due to this situation, and that, in turn, leaves me with a sense that all of my work and effort will be unreliable, and useless.


I did not see a resolution, yet, to this situation, although, I will continue searching.


I am taking a chance that someone might have the EUREKA response to my situation.



Many Thanks!