Container Fields, File path and external storage

Discussion created by luiza.b.almeida on May 5, 2016
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To give a little background, we're a video distribution company and we use Filemaker to organize the information about the 7000+ videos we own. Each record in our database corresponds to a video and has all important information concerning it -- such as name, price, where it has been sold to, and so on.


As of now, we don't have a container field on FM to watch the videos and we also don't have the need to create one. However, it would be helpful if we could store on FM the file path to each video under their record own record -- so our editor could click on that field and it would take them to where the file was saved in the computer. So, here are questions:



1) We thought of creating a container field for the videos, but even if we set to store externally, FM automatically creates a copy of the file and saves it under the FM database. Since our library has about 12TB, it doesn't make sense for us to automatically duplicate the files. Is there a way we can set the videos to be stored in their original folder and not be copied by FM?


2) Is there a way to create a field that shows the file path of those videos for easy access?


I've tried reading about every forum post and all materials, but this particular need we have has not been discussed before.

Thank you!