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ExecuteSQL using Like or %

Question asked by Stu412 on May 6, 2016
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Hi all


I'm running the following ExecuteSQL command and need it to be more expansive in the data it captures.  I always have a mental block though with SQL and Filemaker so hoping to get some help.  For context, the $i is used as a part of a loop routine which increases up to 5. 


I need to increase the expansiveness of 'Fees' to include anything in the FilterTurnoverType field which includes the word 'Fees' in the description.  IIRC, on SQL I could have used the LIKE command with/or % markers either side.  I've struggled a little with this on here:


Let ([


CUST = Cust_Home::CustID_PK ;

SQL = "Select SUM(TotalValue) from Values_Home where


CustID_FK = ? and

FilterTurnoverType = ? and

PeriodNumber = ? "];


ExecuteSQL ( SQL;"";"";CUST;"Fees";$i)




Thanks in advance