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Fields as questions to get info..

Question asked by gamezfher on May 5, 2016
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Hope, someone could help me..


I have a Database for Inspection plans


I have a parent table as header for main information called: Plan 

And have a child table with all points to inspect for each inspection plan called: Method


Table Plan contain:


Part number





Table Method contain:






Until here is not a problem, i have a layout with the parent as header and a Portal with all child records on it working very well, with this i have stored my plan with all characteristics to evaluate for the operator.


My problem is now that when i want to use a Inspection Plan to inspect a Product can't use the Method field as Questions in a layout and stored the answers in another table..


Example of information stores in Child table


Characteristic to evaluate: Review that the dimensions of product.

Method: Vernier


So, then i need a layout or something that when user type the ID_Plan ask to user for Review the dimensions of product, and user could store the dimensions that he or she got with the vernier and all that data could be stored and reviewed...


Is only an example, each Inspection Plan could have many Characteristic to evaluate.. so we need question to user each characteristic and he or she type the results..


In addition all plans can be used N times as times we run the product for different orders, and any time we need to question the same to users and they have to respond the same questions..


Thank you to read me and sorry for my english is not to good hope you understand my idea..